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Find useful tips on how to release your music catalog on Twitch, build and grow a global community, monetize content through subs, ads, merchandising, sponsorships, and more!

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The story behind Twitch, its Top features and all about its audience.

How to get started and promote your artists’ music on the platform.

Useful tricks to build up and expand your artists’ fanbase.




The essentials to monetize content during live streams as Affiliate.

The basics of Soundtrack by Twitch: Rights-cleared music for creators.

Opportunities to distribute your music catalog to Twitch via SonoSuite


In this exclusive eBook, we reveal the best strategies to improve your music catalog discoverability on Twitch.

Learn how to promote your artist' music on Twitch through:

Share your catalog with millions of music lovers around the globe

Live streams Tips&Tricks.

Soundtrack’s curated playlists.

Cross-promotion opportunities.

Learn all about marketing opportunities about  Twitch for Music Business

“Twitch offers a great opportunity for independent record labels, aggregators and other music businesses as they can easily get their music catalog uploaded on the platform and legally be used by millions of creators around the world.”

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